5 Growth Tips To Build Up Your Practice

ONE – Get a Website

Just because you’re an offline business doesn’t mean you don’t need an online presence. Your prospective patients will look you up before they book an appointment to find out more about you. A well designed website won’t break the bank and it will reflect your values and professionalism. Over half your visitors will come by mobile or tablet so make sure it’s optimised for mobile devices. Our packages range from simple one pagers to complex multi page sites with video and animation. Payment plans are available to spread the pain. Send us a message and we’ll talk you through the options.

TWO – Get reviews

Online reviews aren’t just for restaurants or cars. There are millions of pounds worth of investments going into healthcare portals and in future everyone will be reviewed so you may as well get ahead of the curve. This can be on Google, TrustPilot, PrivateHealth, IwantGreatCare or many other specialist websites. Ask your clients to review you on your Google Places page. If you haven’t set one up yet then follow the instructions here (it’s free).

THREE – Write to local GP surgeries or complementary clinics or businesses.

Many GPs will have their own favourite consultants to whom they will refer but many will use a directory or even Google! Create a list of your local GP’s and write to them to tell them you’re there and what you specialise in. If there’s nobody else doing this it could give you the edge. Here’s the list. You may also want to consider writing to businesses that are connected in some way to your medical discipline such as beauty clinics for Cosmetic practitioners, gyms and massage experts for orthopaedic practices. Think laterally, brainstorm with your team to come up with associations you may want to link with. Most business like to build a network so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and think a little commercially.

FOUR – Get your free listings

There are hundreds of free listing websites and directories that you can sign up to. From the well known ones like Yell.com and Thompson to more specialised digital options. Spend some time getting signed up. Not everyone uses Google to find services and contact information. As a side effect online directory listings can provide you with positive SEO results. You can find 34 of them listed here.

FIVE – Think Like A Patient

What we mean by this is that you should think about the service you offer. In the private sector, above all your patients are clients. They have a choice. This means that everything from how the phone is answered, how the appointment process works, how quickly they get an appointment, how your waiting room looks, how you talk to them and how you follow up are all vital to your practice. Ask a friend or member of the family to contact your practice and pretend to be a patient (like a secret shopper) and report back their findings. Ask them to be honest and feedback to your team on both the positive and negative aspects.

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