commercial secretary

We’ve been in the healthcare sector for a decade and a half and one thing we do know is that a reliable secretary is essential to running a successful practice. Once you’ve found a secretary that fits you never let them go!

However the list of tasks that your secretary performs can’t be open ended and ever increasing. There are only so many hours in the day and the priority is always going to be the patients.

In an increasingly competitive environment sales and marketing functions are now an essential part of your practice but these specialist skills aren’t something you can just drop onto your highly skilled medical secretary.

Our Commercial Secretary service fills that gap.

Bolting onto our Call Answering Service we offer a range of commercial services that support your secretary both growing and established practices.

  • Logging enquiries on a simple database, rank them for interest, and follow them up for you.
  • Following up cold enquiries or gently following up those patients who you have recently seen
  • Asking for reviews from your satisfied patients

converting enquiries to active patients

enquiry handling

We deal with the enquiry, answering frequently asked questions, with a focus on converting appropriate clients to a consultation.

follow up

We set follow up old & cold enquiries or gently follow up recent enquiries with a friendly reminder to see how they got on.

review management

Reviews are vital to your practice. We will contact all your happy patients and develop a review strategy that will grow your practice.

our services

call answering
client follow up
manage bookings
manage suppliers and third party providers
aftercare follow up
manage reviews
manage database, newsletters and communications

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