It’s not just about taking an enquiry – it’s about converting it to consultation.

Our patient liaison service is a step up from phone answering. We log enquiries on a simple database, rank them for interest, and follow them up for you. Rather than simply handing over the message, we handle the client through to consultation. We book them into your diary, confirm the booking, bill a consultation fee if applicable and send a reminder of the day of the consultation.

The service is focussed on increasing conversion and cutting down on ‘no shows’, a curse for every clinic.

Our team is commercially focused, understanding that your real focus is on creating a consultation with a motivated patient

Converting enquiries to active patients

Enquiry Handling

We deal with the enquiry, answering frequently asked questions, with a focus on converting appropriate clients to a consultation.

Appointment Setting

We set the appointment, confirm with the client, book in your diary, take consult fee and follow them up the day before to reduce no shows.


We follow up the consultation to book the client in for procedure or treatment if applicable or if not ready keep them live in your pipeline.