You may be trained to be a highly respected expert in your field but typically you will not have been trained to market yourself or your business. This is very common in the healthcare sector.

Part of the ethos of Clinic Connect is to work with our clients together as part of their team. We believe that understanding your marketing is fundamental for your business and we have created a number of courses, webinars and support documents to help you fully understand the client acquisition side of your business.

This 20 minute course will run you through the 6 changes you can make to your clinic marketing & sales structure to ensure you maximise your opportunities. In 13 years in healthcare marketing we have observed these tactics in place by all successful clinics. The course is free and is accredited with one CPD point.

This 25 minute course has been created to walk you through setting up your review strategy. Reviews should be the central plank to your marketing strategy and if done well can be a game changer. Join us, it’s free and is accredited with one CPD point. See you in the webinar room!