• A record 5.3 million people are on NHS waiting list. Some experts suggest the number could be twice this.
  • Recent research by Bristol University academics suggest at least 160,000 hip and knee replacement operations have been delayed because of COVID and it may take the NHS more than 10 years to clear the backlog.
  • Increasingly patients who can afford to are choosing to fund their own treatment.
  • Spire Healthcare have reported enquiries for self-pay treatments are up 30% since March 2020.
  • According to the health intelligence company LaingBuisson, self-pay healthcare is showing significant growth and is predicted to expand by another 10-15% over the next three years.


Is your practice ready to handle self-pay clients?

When patients pay for their own treatment, they become customers. Many will conduct research and contact a number of practitioners or clinics before deciding.

Clinic Connect specialises in helping practitioners handle private and self-pay patients.  Here’s your checklist to make sure you are competing effectively in this sector of the market.

One: Create A Professional Website
In most cases your website will be the first time a prospective patient comes across you. If it isn’t professional or informative then they’ll leave within seconds and go somewhere else. First impressions count. Make sure you invest in a website that showcases your practice.

Two: Get Found by Patients
Make sure you’re getting picked up on Google, Facebook and other specialist platforms. If you are invisible online then your patients won’t be able to find you.

Three: Pick Up the Phone!
If your phone calls go to an answerphone then you’re missing opportunities. Only 30% of people leave answerphone messages. If patients don’t think you can answer the phone then why would they trust you with a medical treatment?  Our phone answering is cost effective and usually pays for itself straight away.

Four: Get Reviews
We live in a review culture. A practice with no reviews is looked upon with suspicion by patients. The review environment is hard to navigate. Let us help you get a review strategy baked into your practice.

Five: Get Professional Help
You’re not a sales and marketing expert and you probably don’t have time to become one. We’ve got over 14 years experience in working in healthcare sales and marketing. We’ve worked with many top clinics and hospitals and we understand what needs to be done.

If your practice wants to access the self-pay market and you need some help them drop us a line below and we would be happy to talk you through some options which can help your practice grow.


We’d love to help you build your practice. We can help you answer your phones and manage your clinic with cost-effective secretarial services.

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