Organising enquiries into a manageable contact and response system creates a valuable pipeline that can feed your business for years.

Understanding the sales cycle

The sales cycle is the time between a person deciding they want a product or service and when they purchase it. Impulse buys, like a Lion Bar at the till in the petrol station take a nano second. A more expensive item such as a car or holiday can take longer. Surgery, a purchase that brings with it not only expense but risk and down time can take even longer. In many cases when the patient comes to you they may have already been thinking about having the treatment for months or years.

Many of our clients tend to concentrate on those enquiries that are ready to go. They like people that are further down the sales cycle towards the buying end. Often those early on in the sales cycle slip through the cracks. Someone calling up for prices or information and indicating that next summer might be a good time to get it done are not as valuable as someone wanting to book in next month. It’s entirely natural to think like this.

If you record all your fresh enquiries and compile them in a database it enables you to split your data into three categories.

  1. Hot – those who want to go imminently
  2. warm – those that are interested but not sure of the time frame
  3. cold – those that are very early on in the sales cycle

Data Management

In the initial stages of sorting your enquiries you don’t need to spend any money. If you visit Google Docs you can create a free personal account and start to log your data.

Google can be shared with your secretary or partners so that you can all use the document to segment your enquiry data.

The document must be password protected as you are entering and sharing confidential information. Google docs is GDPR compliant but be sure to keep your passwords safe.

Once you have your document enter all enquiries onto this document.

Highlight all those that have booked in green.

All those that are thinking about it highlight in red with a date to follow up to see how they are getting on.

Of those who are just exploring highlight in blue and move them into a mailing list. You’re going to stay in these people’s orbit by adding them to you mailing list.

Let us do it for you

A full time secretary to handle incoming calls can be expensive. You need a permanent office location, provision for holiday, sick pay, pensions and temporary cover and it can add an extra burden in management time.

Our cost effective call answering and appointment booking service specialises in healthcare. Read here for more details on our Call Answering service.