this strategy will increase your clinic revenue by 30%

the answer: respond to your incoming leads within an hour

That’s it.
This one change will transform your practice.
Implement this into your business tomorrow and within a month you’ll see the difference.
In 15 years, we’ve worked with many clinics and practices. The ones who are successful, PRIORITISE rapid reply to their enquiries.
The ones that remain static, think about their enquiry response strategy as something to do when they have time to get round to it.

need some help? we will convert your enquiries to ACTIVE patients:

We work with dozens of clinic to quickly handle incoming enquiries.

We deal with pricing enquiries

We answer FAQs

We book clients into your online diary

We patch through patients to your secretary if convenient

We convert enquiries into patients

Our costs are a small fraction of employing someone

next steps

I’m not responding to leads quickly

Talk to us about how we can handle your enquiries, increase your conversions and grow your practice

I’m not getting enough leads

If you’re preparing to launch, just starting out or need help generating leads then find out more on our clinic growth page.

I think we could be more efficient

We provide bespoke reception and medical admin services at a fraction of the cost of emplying a member of staff

interested in our reception services?

No strings, no ties.

We don’t lock our clients into lengthy contracts; if you want to cancel the service you can give us a month’s notice and that’s that.

 you’re busy, so you divert your calls to our dedicated number

 a client calls

 we answer your calls in your clinic name

 we take a message and email it to you

 or we book them an appointment in your online diary

 you can access all your messages via your dedicated portal

 you never miss a client and your practice grows

talk to us

We’d love to help you build your practice. Tell us about your requirements below and we’ll come back to you with some price ideas.

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